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Are you tired of feeling depressed and self-conscious about the 15-30 lbs you’ve gained since you hit 40?

Do you want to love your body again but don’t know where to start? Let me show you how I can help!

Confused about what to eat to lose that muffin top?

I’m here to help you tap into the power of food to help you shed that stubborn weight gain so you feel confident, energetic, and sexy in your body again.

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Can’t get rid of the stubborn stomach fat that seemed to appear overnight?

The top 3 hormones contributing to your weight gain after 40 and what to do about it!


When I started with Leah, I was overweight, exhausted and suffering from hot flashes. She really helped me listen to my body and gave me a plan that incorporated easy diet and lifestyle changes that gave me my life back! Jackie Q.
When I started with Leah, I was suffering from symptoms associated with an autoimmune disease. I was desperate to feel better and was getting no help from the medical community.With Leah’s recommendations, I have been able to eliminate my migraines, muscle/bone pain, and rashes. Because I feel so much better, I am now able to get out and live my life with less pain!Theresa R.
When I started working with Leah, I was completely discouraged with my attempts to lose weight. Working with Leah, I encountered a whole new way of approaching my relationship with food, my body and ultimately, myself. While being guided by Leah’s expertise, honesty and integrity, my energy and ability to focus have increased and I have lost 7lbs so far!Heather E.